Simulation, Elemental Shaman

Name: Hugo

Age: 20

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

For a living I work at a grocery store chain in Sweden called Coop. To add more personal stuff, in my free time I train a lot of Muay Thai. After that, I enjoy having a beer at the end of the week, or in the middle of it. Besides that, just gaming and the usual stuff.

Previous MMOs played:
I've been playing WoW on and off since 2006, when I was 10. Before that I played the good old Tibia since I was about 7. That's also a game I log back on every now and again. I've also played Runescape, but not as much as the other two. Played a lot of big online games but not a lot in the MMO category.

Other favourite games:
I love competitive games, since I'm a very competitive player. I love ladders. I will always both love and hate League of Legends, where I topped in the Diamond 4 ranking. Also played Heroes of the Storm where I ended in the Rank 1 division. These are the games I've enjoyed and played the most besides WoW.

Character Information:

Armory Link: ... ion/simple



What is your main spec? Do you mind changing them if required?
Elemental is my main spec. I've raided as Enhancement previously, and if it would surge past Elemental in the meters and we would need Melee DPS I could absolutely change to Enhancement. However, I simply love Elemental so I will do all I can to stay in this spec until it's no longer viable, hoping that day will never come.

How is your gear? Comment on your current gear. Mention any offspec gear you have.
So my iLvl is 896, which probably is a little low compared to most of the people in the guild. That's most definitely easily fixed though so it shouldn't be an issue. About legendaries; the ones I have are pretty much BiS: Eye of the Twisting Nether and The Deceivers Blood Pact. For Shaman it's pretty hard to say what's BiS after the Eye of the Twisting Nether, but the boots are currently super strong due to the higher Maelstrom cap in 7.2 and Lightning Rod simulating the highest on ST with my gear. I don't have any good gear for either Resto or Enhancement right now since I'm going full out on Elemental.

What is your experience in end game raid instances? Include vanilla until current instance experience if applicable.
So here I'm just gonna list what raids I've been doing when it's the current tier. None of these are when they're an outdated. I started raiding in WotLK.
WotLK: Naxx10+25, ToC10normal, ICC10+25 normal and roughly half the raid on HC in both 10 and 25. Also RS10 normal.
Cata: Almost full clear on first tier 10normal. DS10normal, 2/8HC.
MoP: SOO 8/14 mythic
WoD: Nothing
Legion: NH 1/10 mythic

How often do you play World of Warcraft? On what times and days of the week are you usually online? We currently raid from 8:30 - 11:30 server time on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Will you be able to consistently raid at these times?
Whenever I'm home I'm usually online, and that tends to be at least a few hours per day. About the raid times, I'm gonna be able to make most of them. The problem I have, which I talked to Emmalynn about, is that I work and cannot make the raid every other thursday. Except for that I'm generally free unless I'm called in for work. Usually when I get called in it's not in the evenings though, so it most likely won't be a problem. If it happens I will let the officers know ASAP. Just for the record, I cannot remember the last time I worked a sunday, and pretty much all other days are earlier than raid time.

What guild(s) have you been in before applying, and why did you leave them?
So back when I started raiding I was younger, less mature and not as serious about loyalty to guilds, so I ended up jumping around a bit. In more relevant time, which would be the last 4 years, I've played with 3 guilds. One of them was called IKEA on Ravencrest, which was pretty much a 10man squad consisting entirely of IRL friends. We ended up just splitting when some people had IRL matters to attend to and things like that. All in all it wasn't a super serious project. Mostly a fun thing since we were a lot of friends playing during that time period, which was towards the end of Cata.

The second guild would be "Nether" on Twisting Nether. I joined that guild because of my friend Darwin, and we ended up doing well and getting pretty good progress in SOO. It was cool at the start because I hadn't done serious endgame raiding for a long time, but as time went on it just felt more and more like a chore due to a few things. First of all, it didn't really feel like a community. The officers and especially the raid leader were super strict and didn't really wanna get to know the people in the guild. People didn't have talk-power on teamspeak during raid time, and it just didn't feel like a team. You joined the raid, did your best, got flamed if you failed and after the raid you left the teamspeak and did whatever. Felt kind of like unpaid work, without overexaggerating. Ended up leaving after a while because even though I'm serious about progress and bringing my straw to the stack, I want to have fun while doing it, and get to know the people I do it with.

The third guild is "Channel Four News" here on Outland. I really love this guild, and the people in it. It's still only a few months old and I've been there from the start, from the very first raid when we were barely a half guild group in a 2/3/9 raid. I'm actually still in the guild, and am currently the Shaman Class Officer, and it has been super fun playing with these people and building this guild into a pretty big community from the ground. It's consisting of both a social and a serious part, but now it unfortunately feels like it's falling apart. We cleared HC NH very fast once we got on our feet, and killed Skorp and almost Chronomatic on Mythic. But the last few weeks when we started doing Mythic, we've been struggling to get a solid lineup, and now we're simply boosting new recruits with bad gear on our main progress days. Several of the Officers are also very inactive, as in not even joining a single raid some weeks. While we have some very serious and dedicated people, currently the bad problems in the guild overweight the good things. It's been problematic for several weeks in a row now, and it's really not looking better. A big problem is also 30+ people signing for a raid, and only 15-ish people showing up some days.

Do you have Discord and a Microphone/Headset, and are you able and comfortable with talking during raids?.
Oh of course. I love talking and I love being able to talk and converse and have a good time during the raids. The important thing is just to know when to switch between serious and laid-back mode. I'm also taking on a semi-raidleading role in my current guild at times, so I can step up if it's ever needed.

Do you have any healing / damage logs from a previous raid?
Here is my profile on Warcraft Logs, with the iLvL bracket that I was in during my last few heroic raids. ... bracket=18
Here is also the actual logs from last week, which was 2 different raids. Unfortunately didn't log skorpyron hc and chronomatic. One raid with a pug, and the last few bosses with the guild.

Thanks for this, looking forward to hearing from you.

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