Elaynne - Retribution Paladin

Please copy the form below and create a new thread in the application forum.

Name: Sergej

Age: 28

Location: UK


Previous MMOs played: None

Other favourite games: League of Legends

Character Information:

Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Elaynne/



What is your main spec? Do you mind changing them if required?
Retribution (I dont mind)

How is your gear? Comment on your current gear. Mention any offspec gear you have.
905 , BIS Legendaries, have Holy off spec with output legendaries

What is your experience in end game raid instances? Include vanilla until current instance experience if applicable.
Raided actively in MOP, Raided in WOTLK on private server

How often do you play World of Warcraft? On what times and days of the week are you usually online? We currently raid from 8:30 - 11:30 server time on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Will you be able to consistently raid at these times?
Too much... Im online afternoon and evenings

What guild(s) have you been in before applying, and why did you leave them?
Rekindled, didnt leave yet. Looking for new guild as curent one is full on melee

Do you have Discord and a Microphone/Headset, and are you able and comfortable with talking during raids?.

Do you have any healing / damage logs from a previous raid? If so please post a link below.
Not really.

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