Name: Stefan

Age: 15

Location: Serbia

Occupation: School

Previous MMOs played:

Other favourite games:League of legends , Overwatch

Character Information: Beast Mastery Hunter 890 equipped (903 bags ) 53 lvl weapon.

Armory Link: ... job/simple

Name: Bovjob

Class: Beast mastery hunter

What is your main spec? Do you mind changing them if required? Beast mastery hunter. And once i finish 54 weapon lvl im starting gathering artifact for MM.

How is your gear? Comment on your current gear. Mention any offspec gear you have. Well i got bis legendary items (sholders and belt ) got 2 set items , nice trinkets. You can see it on armory.

What is your experience in end game raid instances? Include vanilla until current instance experience if applicable. Not so much experience i started playing 5 months a go but i have done a lot for so little time . And I'm great at learning.

How often do you play World of Warcraft? On what times and days of the week are you usually online? We currently raid from 8:30 - 11:30 server time on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Will you be able to consistently raid at these times? Well i play it every day but 1 week i have school in the morning , other week afternoon and so on. So im not always able to play at the same time .

What guild(s) have you been in before applying, and why did you leave them? Shake and bake (guild is gone ) , Until the end ( i left because they abuse council system gearing their friends first and giving left overs for other members.)

Do you have Discord and a Microphone/Headset, and are you able and comfortable with talking during raids?. I have discord , and headphones but i kinda avoid talking to much because English is not my 1st language , but i can understand everything.

Do you have any healing / damage logs from a previous raid? If so please post a link below. ... w=rankings

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