Allariel to stop raiding

Hello folks

I have decided to stop being a part of the core raid team.

I don’t feel the same desire to raid, as I did before, and as you might have noticed that I am rarely online but for raid hours, I actually think I have done less than 5 Mythic+ the last 3 months. It feels like it affects my performance that I don’t put the same effort into as earlier.

Therefore I have decided to take a break for raiding, and hopefully my desire to raid will come back after some time. I hope to stay around as a friend of the guild, and see the Tomb of Sageras as a filthy casual. You are always welcome to ask me to come around for raids if I am at home and you need a healing hand.

I will of course be around for killing Botanist Sunday, and stick around for next week as well, by then I hope you have found a replacement for me.


Best wishes for everyone

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