johnaggro to stop rading for a while

hi guys/girls sorry to say this but i am taking a break away from rading,for the last 2 months i am sick of seen the nighthold raid its borning me to death so much i hate logging in to raid over it,i love rading and all that but nighthold is after burning me out,as well my life is busy and rushing home to make raids is hard,i say i will be back when new raid comes out if you need me but atm i need a break bad away from rading.i can see the way i play i dont even focus at all over it .i dont even do Mythic anymore.

i am sorry i didnt tell gm or officers first about it but most of ye dont no i wanted to stop rading weeks ago only reason i stayed is cause we needed people.if ye are realy in need of a healer on raid night and i am on i wil help out but right now i need a break,i am realy starting to hate the game over rading cause the time i have is not much and grinding all the ap mythics all that crap for gear is making me hate the ya i am taking a break for a while just to chill out and enjoy the game again i hope.

love you all i be still on and all that and wish ye all the best on nighthold. love you all

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